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Robur Challenge
Perfect Tea Pots

Re-silver, smooth out dents, polish and re-solder or tighten hinges if necessary - breathing life back into an old Australian Antique favourite.

Specialty silverware

Whether Sterling silver or silver plate, we can perform a wide range of repairs to specialty items.

Electrocleaning & Polishing

We can restore the shine to silverware or jewellery of any shape and size with specialist electrocleaning and polishing services.

Honest Appraisals

Sometimes your silver items could simply require buff polishing or brush plating to restore their full potential. We'll give honest advice to any genuine enquiry, treating your items as though they were our own.

We can repair antiques
& restore family heirlooms

Specialising in re-silvering of Antiques & EPNS, Silverware, cutlery, entree dishes, trays, tea & coffee pots, candelabras, jewellery and more.


We can arrange for your items to be stripped to base metal and silver plated for a stunning restoration.

Brush Plating

Brush plating can apply a layer of silver to smaller and tighter areas where required, restoring a uniform finish where the silver plating has worn through.